What is debate

Parliamentary Debate


Parliamentary Debate is a sport of competitive debating, modeled on the British Parliamentary System. A debate round has two teams and one or multiple adjudicators.    
One side represents the Government, who propose the motion, while the other represents the Opposition, who oppose the motion. Teams are assigned to either side before the motions are released, which means debaters cannot choose their stance. After the motion is released, there is a preparation time lasting for 15~30 minutes. After the preparation time, debaters on each side will give 7 minutes speeches in turn. The adjudicators listen to all speeches give by two sides and decide the winner of the round.

What are the motions? What kind of things we debate about?

・Criminal Justice
・International Relation

・This House Would legalize marijuana.

・THW legalize organ transplants for profit.

・This House Believe That women should be criminally liable for harm to foetuses in utero as a result of their lifestyle choices.

・This House Would ban music that glorifies violence.